Blood Services in need of donations amid coronavirus fears

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Photo courtesy of the Mississippi Blood Services

As Mississippi braces for the possibility of the spread of coronavirus in the state, Mississippi Blood Services is urging you to help them stay stocked. 

There are currently no cases of the virus in Mississippi, but the organization wants to make sure that their shelves are stocked in case of an emergency. 

“The concern is, that if people have to self-quarantine or just fear the virus itself, that it will prevent people from donating.” Merle Eldridge with MBS said. “It’s important that we make sure that if the outbreak continues to spread, and if it is in Mississippi, additional challenges may arise from that which could reduce the number of eligible donors. This would reduce the blood that is on the shelves to treat Mississippi patients that will be needed regardless of what is going on in the state.”

Eldridge stated that the process is safe and secure through their screening process. Currently, Mississippi Blood Services is in need of all blood types, especially o-, and they “have no platelets on the shelves.” 

The organization is hoping for a higher level of donations in order to maintain an adequate level of blood throughout the potential spread of the virus. 

The organization holds anywhere between 5-10 mobile drives across the state per day, and they have locations open in Oxford, Flowood and Cleveland. 

For more information on blood donation, click here. 

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