Congressman Guest introduces resolution condemning violence

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Earlier this week, Congressman Michael Guest introduced a resolution that condemns the violence that has risen from the otherwise peaceful protests following the egregious murder of George Floyd at the hands of police officers.

We introduced a resolution this week condemning the violence that we saw rise out of the protests, Guest said. People have the right to peacefully protestbut when we have violent extremists who are using those peaceful protests to really just sow chaos throughout our inner cities and throughout our communities, I think we have to condemn that.

The House Resolution not only condemns the violence, riots, and looting that takes place throughout the United States, but it also emphasizes the importance of holding those responsible for violent acts accountable for their actions.

While Guest does not foresee the resolution ever making it to the chamber floor for a vote, he believes the introduction in itself to be more of a statement.

I do not believe that this resolution will ever be taken up for a vote in the House of Representatives, he explained. I do not believe that Nancy Pelosi will ever let this legislation come to the floor, but I felt strongly enough about it that I felt somebody needs to stand up, somebody needs to introduce some sort of resolution that would condemn the violence and that would ask for those individuals who are responsible for committing these acts of violence be held responsible.

The House of Representatives will return to D.C. on Monday and will look to pass a Criminal Justice Reform Act.

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