Flaggs thinks Cain is the “ideal” hire for MDOC

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Recently, Governor Tate Reeves introduced Burl Cain as the new commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC).

Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs was the chairman of the search committee that was in charge of finding a replacement for Pelicia Hall, who stepped down in January amid a swell of gang violence and murders within the state’s prison system.

Flaggs joined The Gallo Show on Friday to discuss the search process, as well as why he thinks Cain is the “ideal” person for the job.

“We did it in a way that it was methodically done,” Flaggs said. “We had a process. We had about 50-55 applicants. We had some very good applicants from the start. I was really impressed and overwhelmed with the number of people, given with where we were in terms of the turmoil, that wanted to come to Mississippi and wanted to be in that position.”

Flaggs’ committee narrowed that number down to three candidates before turning the decision over to Reeves.

“I think he has the prerogative to pick from the three,” Flaggs said. “Any of those three that we recommend could go in day one and be a correctional commissioner.”

The governor ultimately decided to go with Cain.

Cain was formerly the longtime warden of Angola Prison in Louisiana and is credited with turning around one of the most dangerous prisons in America.

“He brought faith, security, safety, dignity, and pride to the prison,” Reeves said. “They went from beatings to bible studies. He transformed America’s bloodiest prison into the model of success for the nation.”

Flaggs backed up the governor’s words, saying Angola Prison was “looked at as a model” once Cain took control, and he expects that to translate efficiently and quickly to Mississippi’s prison system.

“I think you’re going to find one of the best correction systems in the most quick way that you would ever want to see,” Flaggs said.

To watch the full interview with Flaggs, check out the video below.

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