Governor Reeves: “Stay in the fight!”

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We, as Mississippians, are defined by our resolve to sustain the tough battles. What we are living through at this time in our lives is most definitely a battle.

The time is now. We must place trust in our leaders and pray for them – and for one another.

Governor Tate Reeves delivered the following words tonight encouraging us to stay vigilant and steadfast as we move forward in the days and weeks ahead:

“We are in the middle of a fight for our state. It is taking a tremendous cost. It is asking all of us to push ourselves beyond what is comfortable, fair, or sustainable for much longer. Please stay strong. Stay in the fight.

We can see the finish line, but the push to the end requires all of us to sprint. We are at or near our peak in Mississippi.

This is the most painful time. This is the hardest time. It is the beginning of a turning point, but we have not gotten past our peak pain yet. I pray every day for an end to this COVID-19 crisis. And we are all acting together to protect our people. We have been through other trials and overcome. We will come through this too.

I know that what is being asked of you is not easy. It’s not even close to easy. We also know that the collective work of our people is having an impact.

The damage could be far, far worse. Our projected pain is coming down dramatically. It hurts, but it is working. You are saving your neighbor’s life. When we avoid death, we only see the cost of the sacrifice. But please know that you are saving lives every day that you stay in the fight and stay sharp.

We can’t eliminate the burden that comes with all of this. Our enemy is doing great damage—not only to those who catch the disease but to those who have lost the ability to provide for their families. We can’t yet fully stop the mental, financial, physical cost to you and your family any more than we can fully stop this virus. We can help lighten the load. We announced two programs today to help do just that—on housing and child care for essential workers.

We are in the eye of the storm. Please stay smart. Stay safe. Protect yourself and your family.

We will reopen our economy soon. We have to. It’s not going to be an option. Lives are at stake due to a rapid increase in poverty as well. No business is non-essential to those who rely on its paycheck for food, supplies, and shelter.

Today, this posture is preventing imminent death. It is not forever—it is a temporary tool. And the time is coming to safely move beyond it. I hope and pray that it is very, very soon.”

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