Hosemann is glad to see “unison” between Reeves and the legislature

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After a week-long dispute, Governor Tate Reeves and chamber leaders Delbert Hosemann and Philip Gunn have finally found common ground when it comes to the appropriation of the $1.25 billion from the CARES Act.

Today, Hosemann joined The Gallo Show to talk about how the three elected officials are now working on the same page in order to provide aid to Mississippians affected by COVID-19.

“We had a very good day for Mississippi,” Hosemann said. “He [Reeves] asked us to postpone any veto vote…and work towards a solution to distribute these 1.25 billion dollars.”

According to Hosemann, Reeves induced a meeting on Wednesday night in which the three were able to come to a joint decision on the best and quickest way to disburse the relief money. Part of the plan is to go ahead and pass a small business grant program while consistently working with the governor’s Restart Mississippi group throughout the appropriation process.

“Businesses with less than 50 employees will get anywhere from a 1,000-25,000 dollars to help them bridge the gap here that they have been suffering with,” Hosemann said.

Hosemann expects that money to be appropriated by next week through online applications.

Even though the three are now working together, last Friday’s bill that ultimately stripped Reeves of his spending power will still stay intact.

“Under our agreement with the governor, the bill that was passed a week ago stays exactly as it was,” Hosemann said. “We are working in unison.”

To watch the full interview with Hosemann, click the video below.

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