Kanye West to be on 2020 Mississippi ballot

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It’s official. You will be seeing Kanye West’s name on the Mississippi ballot this November.

The famous rapper and fashion designer announced his intention to run for President of the United States back on July 4, and today, the State Board of Election Commissioner approved West as a qualified candidate.

Even though he missed the window of opportunity to sign up as an Independent in some states such as Illinois, Ohio, and Minnesota, West has qualified in several other states, including Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah.

West, who was once an avid Donald Trump supporter, told Forbes that he’s “taking the red hat off.” In the same interview, he also outlined an overview of his political beliefs.

A couple of the more surprising moments in the interview came when West described vaccines as “the mark of the beast,” which is a biblical reference relating to the Beast of Revelation, and when he voiced his theory that Planned Parenthood Clinics were created by white supremacists as a module for “the Devil’s Work.”

The 43-year-old West also revealed in the interview that he’s never voted in his life.

On November 3, Mississippians will have a chance to vote between incumbent President Donald Trump (R), Former Vice President Joe Biden (D), and West (I).

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