Mississippi Senatorís battle with COVID-19

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On Sunday, Senator Joel Carter announced through a Facebook post that he had contracted the contagious coronavirus.

“Truth†is Iím fighting Covid-19 right now,” Senator Carter wrote. “This stuff is no joke. Please, if you are showing any symptoms whatsoever, get tested.”

As of today, the total number of positive coronavirus cases, reported since March, is 67,649. †To date, the Mississippi State Department of Health says 1,912 Mississippians have passed away from the virus.

Carter says he started showing symptoms last Wednesday.†“It took 7 days to rear its head. Symptoms started off with a fever, body chills, and body aches. I was able to get on Hydroxychloroquine on my first day. After initial symptoms and taking meds, my symptoms were mild. On Friday night that all changed. Now Iím running a constant fever. My body hurts but my lungs are still clear. Last night was by far the worst yet.”

According to the CDC, a fever is usually the first sign of the virus. Other symptoms include cough, shortness of breath, a new loss of taste or smell, fatigue, and/or body aches.

Senator Carter said, “Wear a dang mask. A lot of people donít show symptoms and are infecting others with compromised immune systems. Letís show some compassion folks!”

Just last week Governor Tate Reeves ordered a statewide mask mandate that is set to expire next Monday, August 17th.



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