New website helps Mississippians pursue dream careers

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Many middle and high school students dream of pursuing careers that require credentials of value beyond high school, but determining the pathway to a dream career can be a daunting task, especially to first-generation college students.

Determining what degree is needed to enter the chosen career field, finding out which community colleges and universities offer the degree, understanding how to apply, and, once accepted, how to pay for college can be overwhelming for students.

A new, streamlined website aims to provide this information in a user-friendly format that is easy to navigate and easy to understand. The website, serves as a guide for students to find this information and much more.

“The website helps prepare the workforce for Mississippi’s future,” said Dr. Alfred Rankins Jr., Commissioner of Higher Education. “The website connects students and adults with their chosen careers by providing the information needed to obtain the skills, credentials, and degrees needed to enter the field and Mississippi’s workforce.”

Developed through a partnership between the Institutions of Higher Learning, the Mississippi Department of Education, Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid, and Woodward Hines Education Foundation, the website is hosted by Mississippi State University. Representatives from each entity collaborated with Creative Distillery on the look and content of the site.

“This new website contains tools to help students explore career options and take the necessary steps to prepare for college and the workforce,” said Dr. Carey Wright, state superintendent of education.

The website contains a wealth of information for middle and high school students, covering the gamut from the high school classes needed to be prepared for college, how to apply to the postsecondary school of their choice and how to apply for financial aid. For those already in college, the portal connects them to financial aid resources and information on jobs and internships.

The website contains links to information about state Student Financial Aid, including the awards process and timeline, MAAPP—the online application, news and updates, and frequently asked questions. Public, private, two-year, and four-year college students in Mississippi may be eligible for state aid.

Adults considering pursuing a degree or credential of value to enhance or change course on their career path can also use the website as a resource. Under the tab, MyWay Works, the website includes information on Adult Education Services, Apprenticeships, Get on the Grid, Getting to Work through MPB, MIBEST, and MS Works.

“MyWayMS is a great one-stop tool for information on all things related to postsecondary access in Mississippi,” said Dr. Andrea Mayfield, Executive Director of the Mississippi Community College Board.  “The website will help reduce barriers that some may face when it comes to navigating the process of applying for college, filling out financial aid information, and other steps related to enrolling in college. I am grateful to everyone involved who helped create the new site.”

The website takes the place of the former college access website,

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