Pearl River Flooding Event: Preliminary damage report

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Due to the severe weather that impacted the state starting February 10th through February 14th, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) received damage reports from affected counties and continues to assist with response efforts.

At the time of this report, the Pearl River is expected to crest early Monday morning, February 17, 2020 between 37.5 feet to 38 feet.

On Saturday, Governor Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency in response to flooding in Central Mississippi around the Pearl River. Coordinating with federal, state, and local partners, first responders and resources are on standby to be deployed for an immediate response.

“This is a historic flood. With projections showing the potential of this being the third-worst flood in Mississippi history, I have declared a state of emergency to deploy the necessary resources to take care of all Mississippians impacted. I encourage everyone out there to prepare. Have a plan to protect yourself and your loved ones.” said Governor Tate Reeves.

Also on Saturday, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries executed 159 door to door knocks and were able to alert 510 individuals of the flood in an effort to evacuate the areas.

The Office of Homeland Security performed 4 assisted evacuations during the day Saturday, in Edwards and Terry in Hinds County. No evacuations were needed last night.

So far, eighteen counties submitted damage reports to MEMA. Four injuries were reported.

The following damage reports serve only as initial assessments from the county emergency management offices and can change as MEMA receives additional reports and assessments.

Updated damage reports by county (numbers subject to change):

  • Attala: Flash flooding
  • Carroll: Flash flooding, four roads closed
  • Clay: 130 homes affected; eight roads with damage; 10 roads closed
  • Copiah: Five roads closed, 120 sandbags distributed; 14 roads affected impacting 83 homes; two high water vehicles deployed to Hinds County
  • Greene: four homes minor damage
  • Grenada: four injuires due to hydroplaning; 10 homes affected; two roads destroyed, six roads with minor damage.
  • Leake: 23 homes damaged; 12 roads damage; levee breach with five homes evacuated
  • Leflore: 10 roads closed due to debris and flooding
  • Lowneds: 10 homes damaged, 15 roads closed due to flooding
  • Washington: 17 homes damaged, one road with major damage
  • Yazoo: 30 homes damaged, 15 roads closed; 12 people displaced

Resource Requests:

  • Attala: 5,000 sandbags
  • Calhoun: 5,000 sandbags
  • Clay: 3 units of sandbags
  • Greene: Area coordinator, drone
  • Grenada: 5,000 sandbags
  • Hinds: Sandbags, tarps
  • Leake: 5,000 sandbags
  • Rankin: 10,000 sandbags
  • Yazoo: Shelter, 5,000 sandbags, 40 tarps
  • Copiah County EMA, Yazoo County EMA, Smith County EMA, and the Florence Fire Department deployed high water rescue vehicles to assist affected flooded counties.

Road Closures:

  • Attala: County EMA reports 5 roads are closed due to flooding
  • Bolivar: MS 448 between Gilbert Rd. and White Oak St.
  • Carroll: CR 31 bridge washed out and CR 272 sinkhole
  • Choctaw: 4 roads closed due to flooding
  • Copiah: Hopewell Rd. and Gatesville Rd.
  • Simpson: Hopewell Rd. and Gatesville Rd. on the Copiah/Simpson line
  • Hinds: Following road closures are set to end: Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020 12:00 AM
    • US 80 ramp to State St. / US 51 Eastbound
    • US 80 ramp to State St. / US 51 Westbound
    • I-20 ramp to State St. EX 45B Westbound
    • I-20 ramp to Gallatin St. / State St. EX 45 Eastbound
    • I-55 ramp to State St. / Gallatin St. EX 92B Northbound
    • I-20 ramp to Gallatin St. EX 45A Westbound
    • I-55 at Savannah St. / Daniel Lake Blvd. EX 90A – Northbound, right lane blocked
      • The entrance ramp from Daniel Lake Blvd. to I-55 Northbound will also be closed.
    • West Frontage Rd. between McDowell Rd. and Daniel Lake both directions
    • East Frontage Rd. between Savannah St. and McDowell Rd. both directions
    • Barricades will remain in place along Frontage Rd. at I-55 with water expected to stand in these areas for the next 2-3 days.
  • Holmes: County EMA reports 2 roads currently closed
  • Jones: MS 184 between Jordan Dr. and Dry Swamp Rd., the bridge at Dry Swamp on Highway 184 has closed due to damage from severe flash flooding
  • Leake: MS 427 at MS 16 closed until Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020 8:00 AM
  • Leflore: County EMA reports 5 roads closed due to flooding
  • Pontotoc: 4 roads closed due to flooding
  • Warren: Hwy 80E of Vicksburg near Hwy 27 was washed out and damaged due to flash flooding
  • Washington: Club 17 Rd. from end of blacktop to Jeff Davis Rd., Lowes Rd. east of Beauchamp


  • Hinds: Jackson Police Academy 3000 St. Charles St. Jackson, MS OPEN

The State Emergency Operations Center is activated and monitoring any requests or unmet needs from the county emergency management offices.

The public is encouraged to report damage to homes or businesses to their county emergency management office. A directory of all the offices is online at

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