Senator Wicker outlines case against impeachment on Senate floor

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Tomorrow, the Senate will vote to either acquit or convict President Trump on two articles of impeachment. 

It’s widely believed that the Republican-controlled chamber will vote to acquit the President, falling short of the 2/3 threshold needed to remove him from office. Ahead of tomorrow’s vote, Senators are debating the President’s impeachment on the chamber floor. Among those speaking this morning was Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, who reiterated that he will vote to acquit the President. 

Watch Senator Wicker’s full remarks below:

House Democrats voted to impeach President Trump in December on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. This morning, Wicker said the allegations were not proven, nor does he believe that the “articles allege conduct that may be used for grounds of removal.”

The Mississippi Senator also accused Democrats of using impeachment as a partisan ploy ahead of November’s election while outlining the reasoning behind his vote.

“As I consider the high bar of impeachment, tomorrow, I will vote not to convict.

I will do so because, there is not overwhelming evidence, because no high crimes are shown, because there is not a broad consensus among my countrymen, only articles passed on a narrowly partisan basis.

And because removing President Trump on these charges, at this time, would set a dangerous precedent.”

Wicker and Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith voted on Friday to block a motion to allow additional witnesses to testify before the Senate. In a news release following the vote, Wicker explained that Senators had received more than 28,000 pages of documents from the House investigation, seen 192 video clips of 13 different witnesses, heard 48 hours of arguments, and questioned the House managers and the President’s defense attorneys for 16 hours.

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