Shaggy’s restaurant donates $5k to help hungry children in Jackson

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Earlier this week, Shaggy’s restaurant donated $5,000 to help feed hungry children in the Jackson-metro area.

Co-owners Rimmer Covington, Jr. and Ron Ladner presented the check to God’s Haven Ministries.

God’s Haven is a local, non-profit group that works to feed homeless and hungry children in Metro Jackson.

“The statistics are alarming and that’s why Shaggy’s restaurant is stepping forward to help address the problem of food security in our state,” Covington, Jr. said.

Currently, one in four children struggle with hunger in Mississippi, and with schools being closed for the holidays, this time of year is more important than ever to address the food insecurity problems the state suffers from.

“Shaggy’s has always been a good corporate partner, whether it’s helping foster children or the local humane society, and a variety of other ways we’re helping people in our communities,” Ladner said. “That’s why we’re pleased to support God’s Haven in its mission to feed hungry children during the holiday season when so many children face food shortage due to schools being closed.”


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