State Auditor Shad White has a message for young people

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On Monday morning, Mississippi State Auditor Shad White made an appearance on The Gallo Show to express his concerns on how young people are treating the coronavirus.

White, who has served as Mississippi’s State Auditor since July of 2018, issued the following message:

“It takes a while for this to sink in—really with all generations—but especially with young people. It’s a problem that is as old as time. Young people think that they are indestructible sometimes…You have to go out there and convince people that this is a serious disease for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re 75 or you’re 25, you can contract it, and it can kill you.”

White makes a more than valid point as it is no secret that some young people are not taking COVID-19 as seriously as they should.

Recently, numerous pictures and videos have surfaced in which people are partying on the beach or throwing backyard barbecues, deliberately going against the federal guidelines that say all gatherings should be limited to ten people.

One video, in particular, consisted of Miami spring breakers openly denying the seriousness of the virus with one person saying, “I think they’re blowing it way out of proportion” and another asserting that “this virus ain’t that serious.”

During the interview with Paul Gallo, White also talked about the virus’s effect on small businesses, as well as possible money fraud that could come along with stimulant checks. To hear the full interview, click on the video below.

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