State Flag Has Been Removed in Gulfport

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The state flag has been the topic of conversation a lot lately, from conversations spinning from changing it, to what it will be, or to keep it the same. 

The part of the flag in question is the Confederate battle emblem in the top left corner.  Some saying this is a racist connotation and doesn’t represent all Mississippians.  

On Tuesday, Gulfport City Council voted in a unanimous vote to remove the state flag at City Hall.  

A resolution was introduced by Councilman Truck Casey in response to removing Confederate monuments all across the U.S. after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis that sparked protests and riots in the streets of many cities worldwide. 

This resolution also asks for the Mississippi Legislature to retire the current state flag and “adopt a new flag that represents and signifies the values and principles upon which our State is now based and which unifies the people who call our State home.” 

In a Facebook post, Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes posted a video of the flag being removed before the council meeting was even over.  

Hewes also said that he would replace the state flag with the Magnolia flag. 

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