The Two Mississippi Museums to reopen with a new exhibit

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The Two Mississippi Museums, the Museum of Mississippi History and Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, in downtown Jackson will reopen on July 7 with a brand-new exhibit.

From the legal status of alcohol to its coalition to the women’s suffrage movement, the Mississippi Distilled Exhibit will take you throughout the “tumultuous history of alcohol” in Mississippi.

“It’s going to take [visitors] on a chronological journey of prohibition in the state of Mississippi,” the museums’ director Pamela Junior said. “They called Mississippi the wettest dry state.”

Mississippi was commonly referred to as “the wettest dry state” as the state’s bootlegging industry flourished for nearly sixty years—especially during the nation’s prohibition era—and the new exhibit explores that deep history with different artifacts, as well as an interactive axe component.

“You are definitely going to see a bunch of artifacts related to the development of alcohol,” the museums’ director of public relations Michael Morris explained. “They even got interactive with us. There’s an axe inside of an encasement, and you can actually get up next to it and get your picture taken breaking one of these cases full of alcohol. I think that’s something that is going to excite a lot of folks.”

The Distilled Mississippi Exhibit will be available to the public until December 2020 and tickets can be purchased here.

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