U.S. Army Sergeant Accused Of Murdering His Wife

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This past Sunday started off as a normal day for the Harris family until the parents, Shauna and Percy Harris, started arguing.

The parents shared their home in Lamar County, Mississippi with their three children, whose names have not been released. According to reports, a child called 911 late Sunday evening about his parents arguing. The child then went to wait for the deputies outside and while he was outside he claims he heard a gunshot.

Deputies arrived and searched their Oak Grove home and found the mother, 36-year-old Shauna Harris, shot to death and the children were unharmed.

Deputies then arrested and charged the husband to Shauna, 33-year-old Percy Harris. He is currently being held without bail at Lamar County jail.

Percy Harris was a U.S. Army Sergeant in Mississippi.

It is not clear who has custody of the children and it is also unclear if Harris has a lawyer or will be getting one.

This is a developing story.

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